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PASINGby 2015



RESPONSIVE DESIGN explores new applications, materials and forms of design with local and international artists, designers and architects. The participants will investigate the traditional culture of weaving, to bring it to new implementations and design forms by divers disciplines. By experimenting with the weaving of different techniques and materials in interdisciplinary and open Hackathons, the areas of Architecture, Design and Fashion will be interwoven and a new RESPONSIVE DESIGN developed. A RESPONSIVE DESIGN reacts to the functionality of the materials and generates demand- oriented and innovative applications. RESPONSIVE DESIGN is created in an interactive process and concurrently an appealing, meaningful and future-oriented result is being offered. During the 'Hackathons', innovative answers and solutions for local and global issues of the production of new materials on digitalization processes, sustainability and art will be sought-after and elaborated. The materials can be heat resistant, water storing, energy producing, anti-microbial, windproof, recyclable or edible. Trending concepts such as 'Wearable Technologies', 'Smart Materials' and 'Digital Living' will be critically researched and tested on their applicability and added value for woven fabrics. The spectrum of objects, created out of the woven material, can be anything from consumer goods to furniture, design objects and architecture.