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MOPE 2008



mope08 "movement to performance 2008

"Vasa City Art Gallery, Friday 19.9.2008


For the third time Platform is arranging the festival Movement to performancein Vaasa. Previous years, in 2002 and 2005, the event has been well receivedboth as well in Finland as abroad. The festival will this year be arranged duringtwo days in September. Friday the 19th it takes off in Vaasa City Art Hall andcontinues on Saturday in Kuntsi Art Museum. Apart from these venues there willalso be happenings around the city.Performance art that today is an established art form, has its roots in the factthat art practitioners wanted to combine music, theater, dance and visual art toan entirety. The practitioners perform in front of an audience, and often alsoinvite the audience to actively take part in their performances.For this years festival, mope08, the main idea is to present the widest scope ofpractitioners as possible, from as many domains as possible, including sports andfashion. To name a few, Stephan US will engage the locals to "demonstrate fornothing", Christian Rupp will present the piece "Communicating (beer)vessels"for by-passers, "Lady-burst" - a greek rock band and Herman Hiller, who duringSaturday will receive wishes from the audience of what their dream clothes wouldlook like if one could decide oneself. The result will be shown as a catwalk thatalso finishes the festival.